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I would like to find the current side and update the $currentFace property in my Cube class, every time the cube is rotated.

Here is my JSFiddle:

As you can see, I am updating the $currentFace successfully when I directly go to a face, using the menu. However, I am using a different approach for keyboard controls (using a 3D Matrix so that the cube doesn't go onto an incorrect axis).

What's the best way to calculate this?

I have an event handler for afterRotation, so the calculation code can be placed in there.

__afterRotation: function(e) {
  // ...
  // Insert calculation code?
  // ...
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Have you looked into using the Dot Product on the face normals? If you used the camera's Look At vector and dot it with the face normal, it will be -1 if the face is 'facing' you. – James Leonis Feb 28 '12 at 22:50
Thanks that sounds like it would be mathematically correct but I don't think there's built-in support for cameras in 3D CSS. I may take a look at Three.js instead – joecritch Mar 2 '12 at 10:02

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