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I have a following dictionary:

d = {'key':{'key2':[]}}

Is there any way to append to d['key']?

I want to get:

d = {'key':{'key2':[], 'key3':[]}}

d['key'] = ['key3'] apparently does not produce the desired outcome..

I know I can do

d = {'key': [{'key2': []}]}

and then append to d['key'] in a loop, but I am trying to avoid that..

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You're looking for

d['key']['key3'] = []
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thanks a lot, that was very helpful. –  Stpn Feb 19 '12 at 23:18

Alternate solution.

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Since d["key"] is a dictionary, you can set keys in this dictionary as usual:

e = d["key"]
e["key3"] = []

or simply

d["key"]["key3"] = []
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Why not trying:

d['key']['key3'] = [] 

That should work.

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