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Is there a good gem for getting recursively calculated directory sizes? In unix, I can use du, but I want a library that absorbs the difference among OS.

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Looks like sys-filesystem handles this, but you'll need to do some math to convert the available blocks into bytes (by multiplying by block-size).

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Could something like this work for you?

def directory_size(path)
  path << '/' unless path.end_with?('/')

  raise RuntimeError, "#{path} is not a directory" unless File.directory?(path)

  total_size = 0
  Dir["#{path}**/*"].each do |f|
    total_size += File.size(f) if File.file?(f) && File.size?(f)

puts directory_size '/etc'
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Check out the File::Stat class.

file = File::Stat.new('.')
puts file.size


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I assume you were downvoted because this returns the size of the directory, but not the combined size of the contents of the directory. –  d11wtq Feb 20 '12 at 5:55
Ah, but of course. That's a disappointing caveat. –  fullsailor Feb 20 '12 at 6:48

Support Tools:

diruse /M %windir%
diruse /K /S %windir%
diruse /S %windir%
diruse /, %windir%

Microsoft ... system install CD

msiexec /i %cd:~0,2%\SUPPORT\TOOLS\SUPTOOLS.MSI /q addlocal=all

Sysinternals Suite Utilities:

du.exe -l 1 %windir%

Microsoft ...

Sysinternals Suite

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