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well I have a problem. I'm building a list of name.this name are obtained from a mysql query.The controller receives those names from model and after passes to a view and view prints out them in a list.When you click in a name another page opens showing every details about name (phone,ecc...). My problem is how I can do this.I mean I know how create a list this is how I do:


        <?php foreach ($users as $item): ?>

            <li><a href=""><?php echo $item->name . " " . $item->surname; ?></a></li>

        <?php endforeach; ?>


When I click on the link of name and surname I have to go to a page that contains details of that name and surname.How can I do this? I have to pass name and surname to a controller from a view and do a query ?

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It's a bit vague, but I think you'd be sending GET variables in that href, and then the controller would read these and do the magic. –  Aram Kocharyan Feb 20 '12 at 0:07
@AramKocharyan what do you mean send GET variables in that href? how can I do? can do an example please? –  eng_mazzy Feb 20 '12 at 0:21

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I'm not sure how you have structured your controller and views, but you could use a structure such as this for users, where uid is the unique user id:


users.php would then use the GET variable uid to load the request the user information from your model and then communicate that information to your view. Reading in the GET variable would be like so:

if ( isset($_GET['uid']) ) {
    $uid = $_GET['uid'];
    // Load info from model and present in view
} else {
    // Handle invalid or unspecified users, perhaps show all available users

Once you have built the basic functionality you can employ Apache mod_rewrite rules such as Sureround has used to make the url pretty.

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make your links like this:

   <a href="/user/get_user_details/<?php echo $item->name; ?>">
     <?php echo $item->name . " " . $item->surname; ?>

this will go to the controller user, method get_user_details and will pass the $item->name as a parameter to the method. use this (or whatever property of item you pass) to show the details of that item.

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You should pass the unique ID for each name via the URL for example, "/users/getuser/1". If your controller is called "users" then you would create function called getuser and use $this->uri->segment(3) to retrieve the ID from the URL. YOu can then store that into a variable which you pass to your model to get the details for the record and then load your User detail view.

function getuser()
  $userID = $this->uri->segment(3);

  // Then just load your model pass your $userID and load your view

In your href you would just output <?= "/users/getuser/" . $item->id; ?>
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