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I'm looking for a nice, customisable way to authenticate users via OpenID. I'm using sorcery and so far it works like a charm: it has support for email-based login and OAuth-based login. However, it has no support for OpenID, and I wouldn't like to use existing authentication gems like Omniauth and the likes. I also find Ryan Bates' tutorial a bit outdated. Note that I also did some search on this topic on SO. All rants date to 2009, and I fear that implementation may not work (I also want to avoid another trial-and-error spike testing).

Any suggestions?

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I've been working on GlitterGallery. I remember struggling with old docs and had blogged about the route I took to make OpenID login work. You might be interested to look it up here. I'm not sure if there's anything better available now, but I'll be coming back and I'll update the post accordingly; cheers!

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