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I know it looks like I haven't done my research but... I don't seem to be able to find any reliable papers/websites explaining in detail the tracking techniques used by the internet advertisers. (and believe me, I've been looking for good sources for 5 months now). Has anyone done any similar research / project in the past? Can you suggest any reading?

Just in case if my post is not clear, this was one of many questions i had: How Do Internet Advertisers Use Third-Party Cookies?

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Welcome to StackOverflow. This is a programming related question and answer site, and as your question has nothing to do with programming, it is off-topic here. Please take a few minutes to read the FAQ so you'll know what questions are (and are not) appropriate to ask here. Thanks. :) –  Chase Florell Mar 3 '12 at 1:32

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Here are a few research studies:

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