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What are the best algorithms for Word-Sense-Disambiguation

I read a lot of posts, and each one proves in a research document that a specific algorithm is the best, this is very confusing.

I just come up with 2 realizations 1-Lesk Algorithm is deprecated, 2-Adapted Lesk is good but not the best

Please if anybody based on his (Experience) know any other good algorithm that give accuracy up to say 70% or more please mention it . and if there's a link to any Pseudo Code for the algorithm it'll be great, I'll try to implement it in Python or Java .

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Well, WSD is an open problem (since it's language... and AI...), so currently each of those claims are in some sense valid. If you are engaged in a domain-specific project, I think you'd be best served by a statistical method (Support Vector Machines) if you can find a proper corpus. Personally, if you're using python, unless you're attempting to do some significant original research, I think you should just use the NLTK module to accomplish whatever you're trying to do.

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This question is too vague, there is no best algorithm in "general" : that will depend on your problem, your data etc..

What I can suggest is to read some books on Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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I did so I'm having issues with Lesk Algorithm, please let me know if you can help in this . . question: [link]stackoverflow.com/questions/9367368/… –  user1219892 Feb 20 '12 at 19:44