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Could you guys tell me why css class definition doesn't work in following example ?

I'm using GWT 2.4 + Chrome 17.

<ui:UiBinder xmlns:ui=''
        div.test {
            color: red;
        <div class="test">I should be red but I'm not</div>
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CSS classes listed in the <ui:style> will be obfuscated, going from test to GKYSKJX (or something similar).

Update your div to this:

<div class="{style.test}">Now I'm red :)</div>

Alternatively, you could choose to force your style to NOT obfuscate by doing this:

@external .test;
div.test {
    color: red;

Unless you have a good reason, I recommend sticking with the first method.

See more at Declarative Layout with UiBinder - Hello Stylish World.

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Geez, you're right! I totally forgot about it! Thanks a lot! – expert Feb 20 '12 at 2:54

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