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I am trying to display ImageButtons dynamically, which I have been able to do. I also want an event to fire when I click on those dynamic ImageButtons. I have the dynamic controls loaded in an ArrayList. I am able to have an event fire for all of the dynamic ImageButtons in the ArrayList except the first ImageButton in the ArrayList.

I am very new to VB.Net so any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Here is my code below (I tried to include only the relevant code):

    Dim aryImg As New ArrayList

    For k = 0 To 10 

        Dim img As New ImageButton
        img.CommandName = "imgClick"
        img.CommandArgument = k
        AddHandler img.Click, AddressOf onClick

        aryImg(k).imageurl = sqlImgs.getData("picLoc")
        aryImg(k).id = sqlImgs.getData("lTitle")

        aryImg(k).width = "160"
        aryImg(k).height = "240"

    Private Sub onClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
        Label1.Text = sender.id.ToString

    End Sub
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I was able to find a work around for my problem. I was calling the data using a DataReader and when I changed it to a DataSet the issue went away. Although, I am still not sure why the DataReader would prevent only one of many dynamic imagebuttons from firing events.

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