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I'm using the abraham-twitteroauth library ( ) to set up Oauth for a simple search application

I've managed to get the search functionality working but am having difficulties getting values from the array below.

How can I get down into the nested arrays and pull back a value (like the text of the tweet)?

[0] => stdClass Object
        [completed_in] => 0.117
        [max_id] => 171445855805636608
        [max_id_str] => 171445855805636608
        [next_page] => ?page=2&max_id=171445855805636608&q=%23twitter&rpp=100
        [page] => 1
        [query] => %23twitter
        [refresh_url] => ?since_id=171445855805636608&q=%23twitter
        [results] => Array
                [0] => stdClass Object
                        [created_at] => Mon, 20 Feb 2012 04:07:31 +0000
                        [from_user] => Mushroom_Vader
                        [from_user_id] => 101165716
                        [from_user_id_str] => 101165716
                        [from_user_name] => Sr. Mushroom Vader
                        [geo] => 
                        [id] => 171445855805636608
                        [id_str] => 171445855805636608
                        [iso_language_code] => pt
                        [metadata] => stdClass Object
                                [result_type] => recent

                        [profile_image_url] =>
                        [profile_image_url_https] =>
                        [source] => <a href="">web</a>
                        [text] => En cada #Tweet estas tu, en cada #Retweet estas tu ¿Como te voy a olvidar? ¿Como te voy a olvidar? #Twitter
                        [to_user] => 
                        [to_user_id] => 
                        [to_user_id_str] => 
                        [to_user_name] => 

Right now my code is :

          $query = $connection->get("search.json?q={$q}&rpp=100");
          $results = array();
          $results = array($query);

print_r($results); </pre> $name = $results [0][results][0][text]; then echo $name wouldnt work for some reason.

Is the format something like [0][results][0][text] or am I way off?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You should call the json as object call as jsObj-> that way you need to fetch the result.. – Sam Arul Raj Feb 20 '12 at 4:59
give the url that fetches the result from twitter , so that it will be so easy to give you the exact answer – Sam Arul Raj Feb 20 '12 at 5:03

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