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While doing html-export in org-mode, multiple spaces are compressed to a single space. Is there a way to change this default behaviour. (I do not wish to replace extra spaces with nbsp)

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What context are you trying to preserve the spaces in? Certain types of blocks in Org maintain spacing so those might be the solution, but it would depend just what sort of content you're trying to keep with the additional spaces left in. – Jonathan Leech-Pepin Feb 20 '12 at 23:20

I just tested this, and org-mode does not appear to delete spaces from the content when using org-export-as-html.

Web browsers, of course, do collapse white-space when rendering HTML.

I suggest you look into the white-space CSS property (the pre-wrap value is probably what you want), along with Org Mode's support for CSS in exported HTML:
M-: (info "(org) CSS support") RET

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