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I install an app .app file to /Applications folder. Can you please tell me where does the user specified data being stored? How can I do to clean uninstall my application and its user specific data?

Thank you.

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This depends on the application, unfortunately. Sometimes it is in ~/Library/ folder, though.

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Thanks. It works! –  daniel dreiberg Jun 1 '09 at 17:18

AppTrap should do the trick.

It runs in the background and simply has a preference pane in the System Preferences. Drop the application onto the trash folder and it will ask you whether you want the associated application files to be deleted too.

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Just let the user do that. For instance with AppCleaner.

Otherwise, just give a way in your preferences to reset them. No need to delete the plist file.

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AppDelete is a free program for uninstalling and cleaning up.

FSEventer is a free program for seeing where programs install themselves.

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Most information is stored within /Library/, however from time to time you may find applications which store their data within the contents of the .app package itself, or within a subfolder in /Applications/.

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This should give you an idea of where to look.

Where to Put Application Files

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