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i'm playing around and trying to incorporate a nested function into my login script. The functions are all below. Also, beneath my functions is the portion of the login script im trying to incorporate them in. However, everytime I try to log in, it says invalid username. However if I user function a and b in the login script instead of function d, everything works fine. Can some tell me where i',m going wrong? Thanks.

//a -username

function username_check($username){

$usercheck = "SELECT user_id FROM users WHERE username ='$username'";
$userqry = mysql_query($usercheck) or die ("Could not match data because ".mysql_error());
$num_rows = mysql_num_rows($userqry);
return ($num_rows == 1) ? true : false;

//b - password

function password_check($password, $username){

$passwordcheck = "SELECT password FROM users WHERE username ='$username'"; 
$passwordqry = mysql_query($passwordcheck) or die ("Could not match data because ".mysql_error());

while($retrievepassword = mysql_fetch_array($passwordqry))  


 $password = md5($password);

 return ($password != $retrievepassword['password']) ? true : false;

 //c    -email

 function email_check($email){

 $emailcheck = "SELECT user_id FROM users WHERE email = '$email'"; 
 $emailqry = mysql_query($emailcheck) or die ("Could not match data because ".mysql_error());
 $num_rows = mysql_num_rows($emailqry); 

 return ($num_rows == 1) ? true : false;

 //d -username + password + email check? all in one? DOESNT WORK

 function user_check($username = NULL, $password = NULL, $email = NULL) {

 if(($email !=NULL)) {

 elseif(($username !=NULL) && ($password!=NULL)){

 elseif(($username !=NULL) ) {



 if (user_check($username1) ==false) { 
    $logerrors[] = 'Invalid username';

 elseif (user_check($password1, $username1)) { 
    $logerrors[] = 'Incorrect password';`
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1: you don't nest functions. 2: break them to simpler tasks 3: var_dump and print_r are your best friends to know where you are and where you are not in the script. – Joseph the Dreamer Feb 20 '12 at 5:15
What do you expect it to do? You're calling functions and doing nothing with the return values. – Brian Roach Feb 20 '12 at 5:17
also this line return ($password != $retrievepassword['password']) ? true : false; your returning false when it should be true ` – Lawrence Cherone Feb 20 '12 at 5:18
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well for one, function d doesn't return any values.

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sry i'm new to php/programming; just started 3 weeks ago. What would i return with function d? would this work? elseif(($username !=NULL) ) { return username_check($username); – Anonymous Feb 20 '12 at 5:24

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