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While testing, Gradle appears to redirect stdout/stderr to project_dir/build/reports/tests/index.html. Is there a way to avoid this redirection, and get things printed to the console instead?

Additional information:

  • It's a Scala 2.9.1 project.
  • I am using slf4s for logging.
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apply plugin : 'java'

test {
    testLogging.showStandardStreams = true


This requires a current gradle version. I am assuming that the Scala tests are run under the Java test task.

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Just tested it. Doesn't work. –  missingfaktor Feb 20 '12 at 8:02
Whoops on testing it looks like it doesn't, this produces output for me though: pastebin.com/PX8e1EKv edit: amend the println to a print as I think the event captures the newline –  roby Feb 20 '12 at 9:13
thanks. I'll try that too. I have some log statements in source files too. How do I make them print to console? –  missingfaktor Feb 20 '12 at 9:42
It depends on the logging implementation. slf4s might be defaulting to a NOP logger and discarding your log statement. Do you have a logger implementation jar on the test classpath? If slf4j-simple-1.6.4.jar is present it will log INFO and above to STDERR. If that isn't enough I would add a logback jar and set up a logback-test.xml to append logs to the console. –  roby Feb 20 '12 at 19:31
Worked for me w/ Spring/JUnit –  dimadima Jan 9 at 16:54
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This worked for me. (And here goes some filler text to appease the unreasonable stackoverflow answer validator.)

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You should include the relevant parts of the page you are pointing to. This would serve multiple purposes. 1) Avoids problems if/when the link is no longer available. 2) Shows immediately whether your answer is useful to the reader (without having to follow the link and potentially wade through a lot of content there) 3) Would appease the StackOverflow answer validator... –  Attila Mar 13 at 14:50

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