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I'm trying the following code:

$t = '12<-- AB_C -->';
$AB_C = 'abc';
echo preg_replace('/\<-- ([A-Z_]+) --\>/', "$$1", $t);

I want to get "12abc" , but it outputs: 12$AB_C , so, it not recognize the replacement as dynamic variable. Is it any way to use the matched word in preg_replace() as a variable, or dynamic variable?


For those who look for a solution to this problem, the '/e' flag, which evalates the replacement, solved the problem, and returns the results i want, using:

preg_replace('/\<-- ([A-Z_]+) --\>/e', "$$1", $t);
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Could you use preg_replace_callback?

It's like preg_replace, but with a callback function that takes an array $matches where $matches[0] is the entire match, $matches[1] is the first capturing group, etc.

Perhaps something like (sorry, not tested):

        '/\<-- ([A-Z_]+) --\>/',
            'return $$matches[1];' // attempt to retrieve value of $AB_C
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