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How I can protect my source code? We cannot keep sources on our servers, and want to distribute our system to customers. Also I want to license my software, at this case I can develop something like license validation on our servers, but customers can disable all protection with full sources. How I can protect my project? Thanks for responses.

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Might want to think about licensing. Here (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_software_licenses) are some types of licenses out there.... There are a lot of open source licenses on that page, though, and you might be thinking of something more along the lines of a commercial license, instead. –  summea Feb 20 '12 at 6:23
Thanks. Btw we develop commercial software, and I want to protect my sources with license (trial version or time expiration, users limitation) and sources protection. In Russia there are many problems with this. People really can change your software sources and they doesn't look to license system. And our main goal - protect source code with obfuscation etc –  Marat_Galiev Feb 20 '12 at 6:38

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I haven't tried this yet, of you do - let me know how it goes!


From the site:

The RubyEncoder protects Ruby scripts by compiling Ruby source code into a bytecode format and this is followed by encryption. This protects your scripts from reverse engineering. Ruby scripts protected with RubyEncoder can be executed but cannot be used to extract Ruby source code as there is no source code remaining within the protected script in any form.

Ruby on Rails protection With RubyEncoder you may protect your Ruby on Rails projects. You may encode your applications controllers, models and helpers, other Ruby files which may be used within your Ruby on Rails project. Copy the RubyEncoder loaders to your project's top directory to run your Ruby on Rails protected files.

RubyEncoder can time limit scripts either as part of the application or via a license file which can be generated. We can also limit to IP address, domain name as well as MAC address. This is standard within our application.

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@Marat_Galiev, if Rails had locked down their codes I am sure you would not be using it, people using your source can only make your app better, the best applications out there are basically open source, your source can be stolen, but the idea and concepts remain yours no one can see through your mind except you reveal it to them. My thoughts are just simple, make some gems out of the logic and share it with the world and you would see how fast your application would grow.

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Thanks, I'm just a developer, all decisions about sharing gems, source code takes our boss. Sorry:) –  Marat_Galiev Feb 20 '12 at 8:53

Rubinius compiles your code to byte code. You can then remove the Ruby code because it will run with the compiled source and that in good speed. There is also a blog post on that which I cant dind right nw. Otherwise take this ffrom the docs: http://rubini.us/doc/en/bytecode-compiler/

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Thanks, I'll take a look! –  Marat_Galiev Feb 20 '12 at 8:53

The only options for obsfucation of Ruby code that I'm aware of is with either JRuby or Rubinius. JRuby compiles can compile your code into Java .class files. Rubinius compiles into .rbx files.

Nothing is bulletproof though. And you still have to handle the licensing and distribution.

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