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I'm gathering data with the Facebook API and get_object requests with Koala are slow, so I'm trying to use delayed_job_active_record. However, I am having difficulty updating my model with the each do loop. @facebook is an array of IDs, and it works when I don't use the .delay method, but doesn't save when I use it.

How do I get this to work? I'm not sure where to put the .delay, or if I have to write it differently. Thanks for your help!

 @facebook.each do |f|
 Like.find_by_f_id(f).delay.name = @graph.get_object(f)["name"]
 Like.find_by_f_id(f).delay.category = @graph.get_object(f)["category"]
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Try this:

 @facebook.each do |f|
     :name => @graph.get_object(f)["name"],
     :category => @graph.get_object(f)["category"])
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it worked! but the page continues to load until the background process is done, currently its in my authentications#create action. any suggestions? –  ahuang7 Feb 20 '12 at 8:25

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