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I do have a Slider with set minimun and maximum, but the intermediate value is not integer (ex. 4.51294141512 etc). How can set the step of the slider slider to non-integer values? May by step is 1, 5, but not 9.4148257822

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This is not available in the standard Slider.

You could subclass the Slider as mentioned here: Magnetic Effect In Slider

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Create an event: nameslider_valueChanged and round the value.


SAnios is name of slider control

Private Sub sAnios_ValueChanged(sender As Object, 
                                e As RoutedPropertyChangedEventArgs(Of Double))
    If Not IsNothing(sAnios) Then          
        sAnios.Value = FormatNumber(sAnios.Value, 0)   
    End If 
End Sub 

The If Not IsNothing is to prevent an error when loading the app.

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