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my classes

class Product

class Perishable : public : Product
 int getday();


I want to contain a collection of both perishable and product object together and hope to do it by means of a linked list.

Usually for linked list we have something like

class linkedlist
           struct List
             int item;
             ListNode* next; 
          //.... all the functions

but i have a problem here since the data i want to store in item is not an int but either a Product or a Perishable, how do i implement it as a linked list?

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Do you really need your own linked list? Just use std::vector<Product*> from STL. –  Alexander Kondratskiy Feb 20 '12 at 7:27

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You can store the Product* as an item in the linked list. You should add virtual methods to the base class Product which will be dispatched to the appropriate method during run time depending on the actual type of object pointed by this pointer.

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I dont think this would be appropriate as Generic Programming (courtsey: Alex Stepanov) is meant to do that and STL is based on Templates which does not have OO stuff that you mentioned above because there are no virtual destructors. Now I feel any data structure problem in C++ is more of Generic Programming stuff as opposed to Object Oriented. –  Yavar Feb 20 '12 at 7:42

You need Templates. Templates in C++ support generic programming. After declaring template before your class LinkedList you can replace your int item with a T item where T is the place holder and will be substituted for an appropriate data type (custom or primitive) depending upon how you instantiate your object.

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