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We have a machine with multiple MQ clusters and listeners defined. Is there any script which can be used to create an exact replica on another machine. Are there any commands/tools available?

Our platform is Windows.

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Backing up a QMgr to restore else where entails the following:

  • Back up object definitions. WMQ v7.1 has the dmpmqcfg command for this. Prior versions use SupportPac MS03, a.k.a saveqmgr.
  • Back up authorizations. Same options as previous bullet.
  • Back up the .ini files
  • Back up any exits and their parameter files

Note that the best practice is to restore these objects into a QMgr with a different name. There are issues in trying to keep the QMgr name identical, especially if you have clusters or use a commercial certificate authority to sign SSL certs.

The index of SupportPacs is here. There are many which can help with scripting and deployment but MS03 is my personal favorite for this task.

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