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Trying to start a game that involve in a lot of .png and animation.

All these .png are already transparent and set to an individual picture box when i overlay one over the other. There "transparency" actually gets the form background color. and not i'm not able to see through the image behind it.

i set the forecolor to transparent in the attribute am i missing something?

*side question... should i make my game in vb.net if it using a lot of images and animations files? (working solo might get my friend to help later)

Example pictures enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

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From searching the internet i found out that you can set the parent attribute of a picture box and it will get the transparent background of that image... but it still seems to be limited... –  Tom Feb 20 '12 at 18:02

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Yea, I've had that problem a couple of time. Sadly I dont think it can be done in vb, the the transparancy isnt real.

the picturebox will just copy/paste what is visible from under him (the parent container).

if you put 3 transparent image on top of another, you'll see they will all show the background color that is set on the image under itself.

I think some poeple have code "real transparancy" for image but its very complicated ...

Everytime I,ve come across that problem I've end up getting the images on photoshop/gimp and work around the problem myself.

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