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I'm making a program which opens a configured application after with the passed paramters through an url with shell execute. I achieved this with the following:

ProcessStartInfo procinfo = new ProcessStartInfo(URI);
procinfo.UseShellExecute = true;
Process App = Process.Start(procinfo);

I want to kill this process later after some minutes through this project that I could do by App.Kill() but the problem is that the Process.Start() always returns null if I pass the URI. How could I reach that process?

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If the address of the executable file to start is a URL, the process is not started and null is returned.

Even if you specify a browser, the process could be a simple handler that sends a message to an existing process (or opens another process) and closes itself immediately.

But you may explicitly launch the browser you want if you know how its process works.

Process p = Process.Start(browserExePath, url);
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