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I have this range field and near it is the default value of 300 GBP.

<div class="filterField">
<input type="range" name="price" id="price" min="0" max="1000" value="300" />
<div class="rangeValue"><div id="valuePrice">300</div> GBP</div>

Now what I am trying to do is to change the value in <div id="valuePrice"></div> instantly when the users makes a change.

I've tried it with this script but it doesn't work:

$("#price").change(function () {                    
   var newValue = $('#price').val();

Someone can help me with this?

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Have you tried:

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change event is fired when the textbox is blur. You can use keyup event if you want the div to be updated instantly when user typing:

$("#price").keyup(function () {                    
   var newValue = $('#price').val();
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