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I am trying to simulate a keyboard interface using buttons and labels...

I understand that the method:


allows me to append the label by a string.

The question is... I'm trying to implement a backspace button in my code...

Every time it is pressed, I'd like to be able to simulate a backspace by removing 1 character at a time. How do I do this?

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Not entirely sure that's what you want, but you can use NSString's substringToIndex:

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Shouldn't backspace just be treated as the removal of the last character in the string?

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Maybe you should consider using an NSMutableString, which lets you add and remove characters without creating a new string every time.

deleteCharactersInRange: could then delete last character when backspace is pressed.

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Removing one character at a time is dangerous. Here's a test case for your implementation:

  1. Set your label's text in code using myLabel.text = @"\U0001F4A9";
  2. Start the app.
  3. Use you custom backspace button to remove a character.
  4. Type to append other characters.
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