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I'm creating a rewrite rule which should include a parameter which could contain the character %, however when I add it to my rule it breaks my website and every page returns an error:

RewriteRule ^sale/([a-zA-Z0-9_-%]+)$ browse.php?id=$1

I wanted the parameter to be able to include characters, digits 0 to 9 and special characters -, _ and %.

If I remove the % it works fine but obviously I want that to be accepted as a character for example url :

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Apache translates percentage-encoded character inside a url before feeding it to mod_rewrite. So if you want to accept %20 in your urls you need to just add a space inside your RewriteRule. Note however that space is also to separate the regulare expression and the replacement string in RewriteRule, so in the case of a space you need to escape it using \

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You can use the B flag

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