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If we look at a specific page the problem is occuring:


Where there are meant to be spaces, its showing %20.

So instead of http://www.completeofficechairs.co.uk/RH%20Extend%20220 its meant to be:

http://www.completeofficechairs.co.uk/RH Extend 220

How do I stop this?

Im on an apace web server, so could it be a htaccess mod?

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I don't think that's even possible. Spaces are not allowed in an address –  Jesus Ramos Feb 20 '12 at 9:34

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Do not use spaces or replace them with underscores _ or dashes -. Your url will look better and be human-readable:

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Spaces are not allowed in URLs. They have to be escaped (their escape character is %20). I don't think there is any way to accomplish what you are trying to do.

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