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I am configuring some settings for the Adobe Flash Media in my client's server, he is using Window Server 2003, and recently it has been upgraded to 4.5.

I have look into the development guide document, and want to change the video streaming folder from the default location (rootinstall\applications\vod\media) to a brand new location (F:), which is a Network Drive.

After I have followed the tutorial in the development guide, change the config file (rootinstall\conf\fms.ini) for the correct VOD_DIR path and the rootinstall\applications\vod\Application.xml file, I cannot get the video streamed. The video player just keep on loading and never success to stream the video out.

So could anyone help me on this issue?

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I see you have mentioned that you have followed the instructions on the guide.

Since you are using Windows Server 2003 , the FMS Service may not been started.

To start the FMS Service , Start -> Run -> Type "services.msc" without quotes. Scroll down to see FMSHttpd,FMS,FMS Admin Server and Click to Start all those services.

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