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I have created a project using eclipse mpi support using PTP (Parallel Tools Platform). When i create any mpi program the parser (i.e the editor) shows errors in mpi code. The code compiles without any problems but it keeps on showing errors in mpi code. i think there is an error with the eclipse parser or some configuration that i am missing.

Can somebody guide me on this. While you are at it can you also explain me the reason for a debug/release folder in eclipse. i like to manage my makefiles on my own. Any problems in that ??

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This screen (towards the end of the process of making a new mpi project with CDT/PTP) warns about the error you're describing, and says that you should go to the next screen to easily add the mpi header to your project.

Pic of the box where it tells about the error

I'm not sure what you mean by "explain the reasons for a debug/release folder." If you just mean that you never use Eclipse's build command, that's fine, but Eclipse is built to have a lot of features; some people use all of them and some people barely use any of them.

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you need setting include folder as this image enter image description here

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