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Here is the situation: In a page I send data to the backend using ajax. This all works fine, it stores the information in the database as it should and all. Now when I press the refresh button on the browser, it still contains the old data (I don't update the form manually). The reason for this I think it is because my transition is never fired since the refresh is not part of the flow. How can I force reloading the form? How do you define such in the flow xml?

below is part of the webflow xml

<action-state id="showProposal">
    <evaluate expression="portfolioAction.showProposalFormAction" />
    <transition on="success" to="showProposalView" />       

<view-state id="showProposalView" view="/swf/proposal/proposal">
    <transition on="storeProposal" to="storeProposalView" >
        <evaluate expression="portfolioAction.storeProposalFormAction" />
    <transition on="applySelection" to="showProposalView">
        <evaluate expression="portfolioForm.bindAndValidate" />
        <evaluate expression="portfolioAction.showProposalFormAction" />
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Could you put your logic in the on-render section of your view-state?

Use the on-render element to execute one or more actions before view rendering. Render actions are executed on the initial render as well as any subsequent refreshes, including any partial re-renderings of the view.

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is this tested? –  Dev G May 27 '12 at 4:38

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