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I need to be able to only display certain content/nodes based on where a user is located in the world. For example, if the user is from the US, they should see different results than someone from Europe.

Ideally I would be able to tag each node with the region(s) that it should be displayed in and then when the content is displayed, it is filtered by these tags.

I'm also going to be using various content 'scrollers' to display content and I would like these to have different content based on location as well.

How would I best achieve this?

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How did you achieve it? How did you join the views with smart_ip? – Tyler Durden May 9 '13 at 15:34

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Use Views - and cool modules like:

  1. Use modules like smart_ip & Ip Geolocation
  2. Read the info on those module pages they will help you get on the right track

Basically you want to first get the location of the user, this will be stored in the session. once you have that you can reference it any time.

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