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I am just using sql store procedures inside classic asp to perform queries and data insertions etc. However I seem to be getting errors on the following:

.ActiveConnection = db

The only error I get is

error '80004005'

I get this error whenever I try calling a store procedure, whether it be a store procedure in a function file or in the actual file being executed. I seems to work if I put the connection details directly above it however it then fails for the next store procedure. I have never had this issue before and I can only think it may have something to do with the other process I am carrying out, which is reading data out of a CSV with with the data reader object. Thanks

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What does your code snippet look like? The provided sample doesn't show anything to go on. –  RogueSpear00 Feb 20 '12 at 15:25
What database? What's your connection string? –  Shadow Wizard Feb 21 '12 at 7:55

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Take a look at this which provides a nice list of different 80004005 error conditions and how to go about fixing them.

As @RogerSpear00 says it is hard to help if you don't post a fuller code snippet.

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