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I have a model in rails called WorkRequest and the naming conventions in rails give me the create route of work_requests/ [POST]. In Spine with the same model name it posts to the path workrequests/ Is this by design and do I need to override it somewhere.

Out of interest, what do others use as a naming convention when the model name has more than one word in it? Would it have been better to call the mode Workrequest and have done with it?

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Ok, I should have kept looking: I found that you can override the default path by add @url option to the model.

class App.WorkRequest extends Spine.Model
  @configure 'WorkRequest', ... [field list]
  @extend Spine.Model.Ajax
  @url: "/work_requests"

I'm still interested in the diference in naming conventions between Spine and Rails with multiword model names.

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Use the JavaScript conventions in the Spine code and the rails conventions in your rails code :) JS classes start with a capital and are in CamelCase. It's just a 'bug' in Spine that it doesn't convert it to proper snake_case for the url but just downcases it all. Perhaps it'll get fixed. For now, your workaround and naming conventions are correct imo. – SpoBo Feb 20 '12 at 13:18

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