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I am using a web browser control that display html page in window form now i want to embed html and javascript files and css files as resource. Thanks.

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  • Add your resource files - HTML, CSS, JS files etc. to your Visual Studio project.
  • Select the file and goto Properties window for that file by pressing F4.
  • Set the "Build Action" property to "Embedded Resource"
  • Re-compile the application
  • Use the following answer to get the embedded resource - http://stackoverflow.com/a/3314213/10458

PS: If you have a default namespace set in your project's properties, then you will have to prefix that to the file-name. For example if your file-name is File1.html and your default namespace is MyCompany.MyProject then you will have to use GetManifestResourceStream("MyCompany.MyProject.File1.html").

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I have css in my html and the web browser control seems to be ignoring it. More specifically I have css that will give my divs rounded corners... –  mracoker Jul 24 '12 at 20:11
If you embed a javascript file as a resource then how do you refer to it from the embedded html? –  noelicus May 16 '13 at 6:05

Try using res: protocol. For example

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