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I have a svn-repository on google-code, but because i dont want it to be open source, i want to make the repository on my local drive. I'm using tortoisesvn, and have tried different things.

  • I make a new folder, rightclick->create repository here, then ok.
  • I rightclick the folder and select the repo-browser which is empty (as expected).
  • I then select tortoisesvn->export and select the googlecode repository in the top and my newly created repo in the second one, then press ok
  • the downloading starts, things are looking good
  • then i use the repo-browser to see what is in the local repository
  • but i only see the 3 directories (branches,tags and trunk), all of them empty(!), no sign of what i just saw downloaded (am thoroughly confused by this)
  • I check the actual folder, and all is present there

So how do i make a local copy of what i have on google code (complete history) and point my local working copy to the new local repo?

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Not ideal, but usable solutions stackoverflow.com/questions/1106990/… – Lazy Badger Feb 20 '12 at 13:50

TortoiseSVN - Export exports local working copy to unversioned tree.

Repo Broswer - Export exports selected remote tree.

Import from GC to local repo isn't possible this way

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