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I installed doozerd sources in:


$GOROOT = /home/stephan/src/go $GOPATH = /home/stephan/src/go/src/pkg/

When I try to do ./all.sh in the doozerd checkout from github I get package could not be found locally errors.. :

    imports github.com/ha/doozerd/peer
    imports github.com/ha/doozerd/web
    imports code.google.com/p/go.net/websocket: /home/stephan/src/go/src/pkg/github.com/ha/doozerd/web/web.go:4:2: package could not be found locally
    imports github.com/ha/doozerd/peer
    imports github.com/ha/doozerd/consensus
    imports code.google.com/p/goprotobuf/proto: /home/stephan/src/go/src/pkg/github.com/ha/doozerd/server/conn.go:4:2: package could not be found locally
    imports github.com/ha/doozer: /home/stephan/src/go/src/pkg/github.com/ha/doozerd/peer/peer.go:4:2: package could not be found locally

I thought go would find the missing requirements, and install them itself. What am I missing?

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/home/stephan/src/go/src/pkg/ means the go tool looks for packages in /home/stephan/src/go/src/pkg/src/<import-path>, but you've put the sources in /home/stephan/src/go/src/pkg/github.com/ha/doozerd instead.

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