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Possible Duplicates:
How to reference an indexer member of a class in C# comments
Static Indexers?

As it stands, I have to write my code like this

internal class ReportMap {

    static internal ReportMap Instance {
        get { return reportMap; }

    internal Type this[char c] {
        get { return data[c]; }

    // private parts
    static Dictionary<char, Type> data =
        new Dictionary<char, Type>();

    ReportMap() {
        data.Add('S', typeof(StatusReport));
        data.Add('Q', typeof(QualityReport));

    static ReportMap reportMap = new ReportMap();

and to access an index:

Type t = ReportMap.Instance[aChar]; // eww

Is there a specific reason this ability was left out of the language? In particular, would it be considered bad design? There is another question on this already posted, but I unfortunately do not have enough rep to comment.

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I think the question is answered at – Noldorin Jun 1 '09 at 18:31
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That's a good dupe reference there. Specifically, check out the answer :-)

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