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Peace to all!
I want to use WOT (Web of Trust) API to find the reputation of any website. There are a large amount of redirects on my site. So, each time a URL is redirected, I want to find out the reputation of the destination website using the API during each redirect to protect the users from fraudulent websites. I went through the terms and conditions of WOT API and their third term says "You should not request the same information more than once during any 30 minute period, but should use a local cache for repeated requests instead."
I Use cPanel on centOS to host my website (Shared hosting). Please enlighten me with the knowledge of how caching is done by cPanel and centOS, and whether it is possible to use this API without violating its terms.

Thank you

Peace be upon all of you.

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It is better you build your own cache. There's a tutorial here: http://me2.bz/45. It will help you to an extent.


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