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I am using Ext.js 4. I have a panel which contains log messages returned from the server.

The following will append the most recent messages to the that panel:

// show log on the log panel
logPanel.add( { xtype: 'box', autoEl: { cn: theText } } );

I also add a separator bar between messages:

// add a separator bar
logPanel.add( { xtype: 'box', autoEl: { html: '<hr/>'} } );

I thought about clearing the panel before adding new messages, so only the most recent messages appear, and this works (when placed before the above):

// the following will remove prior log messages...

But what I would really like to do is simply put the most recent messages BEFORE the previous messages (the default action of the add method is AFTER).

Any suggestions on how I could do that? Thanks in advance.

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Use the insert method:!/api/Ext.container.AbstractContainer-method-insert

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That worked. Thanks Evan. – Bill Qualls Feb 20 '12 at 14:21

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