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I have VBA code that exports the active chart from Excel in PNG format.

I have some dots and lines, marking some important data overlaid on my Excel chart, and they are grouped (select all objects and chart, Right Click -> Group).

Is there anything that I can replace the ActiveChart with (like ActiveGroup or similar) to export the whole thing, not just the chart.

Sub ExportChartToPNG()
'Take ActiveChart and copy it as a GIF image to the same directory as the Workbook is in and name it with the Chart_Title with spaces replaced with underscores.
Dim chtCopyChart As Chart, sCurrentDirectory As String, sFileName As String
Dim x As Integer, CellCharacter As String
Dim sInteractive As Boolean

Set chtCopyChart = ActiveChart
sCurrentDirectory = ActiveWorkbook.Path
sFileName = chtCopyChart.ChartTitle.Text
sFileName = InputBox("Enter filename for export:", "Export object", sFileName)

For x = 1 To Len(sFileName)
    CellCharacter = Mid(sFileName, x, 1)
    If CellCharacter Like "[</*\?%]" Then
        sFileName = Replace(sFileName, CellCharacter, "_", 1) ', Replaces all illegal filename characters with "_"
    End If
If Asc(CellCharacter) <= 32 Then
    sFileName = Replace(sFileName, CellCharacter, "_", 1) ' Replaces all non printable characters with "_"
End If


sFileName = sFileName & ".png"
sFileName = sCurrentDirectory & "\" & sFileName
sInteractive = True

chtCopyChart.Export Filename:=sFileName, FilterName:="PNG", Interactive:=sInteractive

MsgBox "Chart copied to " & sFileName, vbOKOnly, "Success!"

End Sub
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Will this thread help? –  Raystafarian Feb 20 '12 at 13:42
No, not really, unfortunately! Thanks anyway! –  Jano Rajmond Feb 20 '12 at 14:18

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Old question I know, but the solution comes from the fact that a chart grouped with other shapes becomes a shape object in the worksheet. So what you actually need to do is get a reference to the shape object which is the group you've created.

However, there's no export method on shapes, so you need to create a temporary blank chart, copy the shape into it, export the new chart, then delete it.

The steps are:

Get the shape object and copy it as a picture

set myshape = Sheet24.Shapes("shapename")

Create a new chartobject with the same dimensions as the source shape

 set chtObj = Sheets24.ChartObjects.Add(myshape.Left, myshape.Top, myshape.Width, myshape.height)

Paste the object from the clipboard to the new chart


Export the chart, deleting an existing file if needed

Kill fullpathandfilename    
chtObj.Chart.Export filename:=fullpathandfilename, Filtername:="PNG" 

Then delete the chart and clean up objects.

Set chtObj = nothing
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