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when i run my ruby scripts on ubuntu (10.10) it severly degrades my comps performance(to the level that it needs to be restarted).even when i stop the scripts it doesn't improves.While the same scripts when run on windows runs perfectly fine for hours without any noticable effect on the comp's performance.....I am using ruby 1.8.7 currently.Looked up on google but to no avail... What can be the possible causes?

PS:It's just a toy script for a chat client,so involves regular transfer of data to google chat server.....

EDIT; the code...

require 'rubygems'
require 'xmpp4r-simple'
username = 'username' #your username here  
 password = 'password'
 #to_username = gets  #prompt will wait for 
 puts "Connecting to jabber server.."  
 jabber = Jabber::Simple.new(username+'@gmail.com',password)
 puts "Connected."
    while $cap!=0 do
    jabber.received_messages do |msg|

    jabber.deliver(msg.from.node+"@gmail.com","You have to pass a captcha test to talk to me.(Its a hard one)Networking==OS then POM==?")

    while $i!=0 do
    jabber.received_messages do |msg|

    if msg.body.downcase != answer then

    message="sorry you failed the captcha try again...(Its a hard one) Networking==OS then POM==??"

    jabber.deliver(msg.from.node+"@gmail.com","You passed the captcha.You are entitled to talk to me")
    puts msg.from.node
    puts "Passed the captcha"
    puts "=================="
    puts msg
    puts "=================="

    while (true) do

    jabber.received_messages do |msg|

    puts "=============================================="  
    puts msg.body  
    puts "----------------------------------------------"

    jabber.deliver(msg.from.node+"@gmail.com", message)


Its just a prototype code....I know the code won't behave in the intended way if more than one person chats during the life time of the program..Moreover there is no way of stopping the script other than killing it...

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It would help a tiny, teeny bit if you post your code :) –  Jens Tinfors Feb 20 '12 at 14:06
@JensTinfors I have posted the code too... –  bashrc Feb 21 '12 at 2:00

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