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I have a problem with my language. I only see the ID_String on my device for each entry defined with NSLocalizedString. All text/images etc. set in the storyborad are shown correctly. If I use the simulator everything is fine!

So, I would like to youse NSLocalizedString - to use the option to translate my app maybe later. At this time my app is in german only.

  • I use storybord option. In the options I set the Localization to Germany
  • I add a string file to my project, also with the german localization
  • all lines in this file looks like "OK_Button" = "OK";

In my project folder there is an de.lproj folder including the storybord, InfoPlist.strings and localizable.strings

The two stings are saved as UTF16. I open these files in TextWrangler and savend them again.

I search since a few days for the reason, but I dont see my problem. Have anyone an idear whats wrong, or whats missing in my code?

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One reason that something works on the simulator, but not on the device is that Max OS X uses case-insensitive file systems by default, but iOS uses a case-sensitive file system. Check to make sure that your case for the filename is "Localizable.strings".

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I love you! 10.000 KISSES!!! I would like to kick my self... RIGHT: "Localizable.strings" FALSE: "localizable.strings" - the "l" saved the problem. oh my goooood so many hous left.... THANKS! – webschnecke Feb 20 '12 at 14:05

Another reason for the problem could be that there is a Localizable.strings file in Base.lproj directory. It causes the iPhone to use the Base translation file instead of the correct translation file.

see: Creating Strings Files for User-Facing Text in Your Code

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