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I'm working on an app with a MapKit map, which I want to display as Black&White, rather than the default color scheme.

How do I do that?

Is there a method I can set the color scheme with?
Are there specific constants I can set for the color scheme?
Is there a combination of masking the MapKit view with some image that applies an effect of Black&White?


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I would suggest you cloudmade.com they have customized maps and color schemes – Saurabh Feb 20 '12 at 14:09

You can use route-me instead of UIMapView and select the desired mapsource that suits you.

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There's no way to change the colour of the map in MKMapView. The only thing you can change really is the mapType property which defines if it's a standard map, satellite or hybrid.

I doubt you'd be able to easily do anything with an overlay to make it B&W either. It might even be a violation of the terms of using the Google maps to do that anyway - I'm not sure on that, but it's possible it is.

So if you really need it B&W then I suggest using something other than the standard MKMapView.

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To expand on some of the answers:

You cannot set MapKit to black and white. It violates the terms of use.

Your best bet is you use route-me with an offline tileSource. Google TileMill. They allow you to create your own maps from shape files which you can download off different sites. You then use route-me to display the maps you created.

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