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I have been to trying to write some output to a CSV file using the method below in a shell script:

     msg=" $*"
     echo "writing to resultFile..$msg"
     echo $msg >> $resultFile

When I tried to call this method:

writeToResultFile "column1,column2,column3"

It works fine and was written to output file. But when I tried to call this method from another method such as:

  writeToResultFile "data1,data2,data3"

Nothing is written to the output file. Stepping through, I know that writeToResultFile() is getting invoked and the param also is echoed in the console, but not getting appended to the output file.

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Just to make sure: what do you use? Bash? Because it's working:

writeToResultFile() {
    msg=" $*"
    echo "messaage: $msg"
    echo $msg >> output.txt
  writeToResultFile "function1,function2,function3"
writeToResultFile "main1,main2,main3"

The output will be (cat output.txt):

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