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I'm developing a Spotify app and want to get the tracks for a Playlist. There's the function playlist.tracks but that seems to be cached and gets the wrong list of tracks. It's also supposed to be slow and not recommended to be used in the API documentation. But what other option do I have to get a Playlist's tracks? At the moment I'm using playlist.tracks once and informing my back-end of the track list.


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Have you made sure you've checked the API recently? (here) –  Arjun Feb 20 '12 at 14:11
Yes, could you be more specific about what I should be looking at? That's only referencing the playlist.tracks function. –  Simon Feb 20 '12 at 14:13
No sorry, I was just checking to see you were using the latest version. It does seem strange that they opted for a tracks property rather than a getTracks() method. What does the toString() method return? It might return a JSON string with the track info, which you could parse. –  Arjun Feb 20 '12 at 15:01
Ah, yeah, I've been bitten by that already! I think tracks is just an alias to a function, since I doubt they'd be concerned about the performance of variable access! toString() has only been returning an error for me, annoyingly. But the error it returns references name so I can only imagine it's outputting the name only. –  Simon Feb 20 '12 at 15:24
As the error is referencing name then it would seem that your Playlist object has not been instantiated (see the constructor line in API), or at least, not instantiated properly. Hence the error on toString() and the returning of a wrong/blank tracklist. Sorry I can't be more specific but I've never used the Spotify API! –  Arjun Feb 20 '12 at 16:04

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For the 1.0 API:

], function (models) { 

 var addList = function(list) {
    list.load('tracks').done(function(list) {
            var tracks = trackSnapshot.toArray();
            for(var i=0; i<tracks.length; i++) {

 var addTrack = function(track) {
    track.load('name','artists').done(function(track) {
        var artists = track.artists;
        var artistsList = [];
        for (var i=0; i<artists.length; i++) {
        // Print out info if desired
        var addedTrackRow = document.createElement('p');
        addedTrackRow.innerHTML = "Added track: " + artistsList.join(', ') + ' - ' + track.name;


 exports.addList = addList;
 exports.addTrack = addTrack;

// Example of use:

I've tested it as used above, and it works.

I spent some time looking for an answer to this myself, and I also were looking for how to access tracks within a list even though it's explained in the tutorial-app available on github under the "Metadata"-section; "Get metadata from an artist, album, track or playlist".

I hope this is usefull.

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Here is a small sample :

pl = new m.Playlist();
alb = m.Album.fromURI(uri, function(album) { 
   pl.name = album.name;

Hope it could help....

$.each(pl.data.all(),function(i,track){ myAwesomePlaylist.add(track); }); 

where pl is the playlist

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I think you've misunderstood my question. I'm trying to get the tracks for a Playlist, not get the tracks for an album into a playlist. I have the URI of the playlist and need the tracks within it. playlist.tracks is returning the wrong tracks for one of my playlists. The API actually recommends you avoid using playlist.tracks anyway, so I wondered if there was another way of getting them. –  Simon Feb 20 '12 at 16:50
Ah, yes, you are rigth, I misunderstood... $.each(pl.data.all(),function(i,track){ myAwesomePlaylist.add(track); }); where pl is the playlist –  Geraud Puechaldou Feb 20 '12 at 17:07
Well, that's returning the same list, but as URIs rather than as Track objects. I wish Spotify would make it clear which is the preferred method. –  Simon Feb 21 '12 at 10:11

The class Playlist implements the interface Collection. So you can invoke the function get over playlist object in a loop to get all the tracks. Example code:

var i=0;
for (i=0;i<models.library.starredPlaylist.length;i++)
    var track = models.library.starredPlaylist.get(i);
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