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Hi I am using the Three20 SDK to create a gallery and it's all working great. I basically want to extend this so that when you see a large image there is an additional button on the bottom bar (by the > keys) so you can view some text about the image - I guess this is in principal the same as on the Facebook app where you can click the comments button and the photo flips over to reveal the comments.

Ideally a tutorial on this would be amazing but I guess that probably doesn't exist so I wanted to know the best way to do this was? Should I be adding new files into the Three20 directory to add this additional functionality? Or can I do it just in the one project where I need it?

Sorry to be vague, I'm a bit new to all this!

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Generally, you shouldn't modify the three20 source code, unless it's a patch you're planning on submitting back to the three20 project.

If you need different behavior from TTPhotoViewController, you can subclass it and override any functions which doesn't fit your needs.

In your case, if you want to add a button to the toolbar, you should probably override (void)loadView, and replace the _toolbar with your own UIToolbar

Also, if you're only using the photo viewer from the entire three20 library, you will probably better off with a light weight solution, such as

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