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I'm new to the topic here :/ Could anyone please tell me how to solve the following? Show that 36^2004 + 17^768 x 27^412 is divisible by 19. Thanks!

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Simple identities can be used to solve the above, the important of them being:

(a + b) mod c = a mod c + b mod c


ab mod c = (a mod c)*(b mod c)

This can be used to solve very big exponents also, for example, if you are to solve:

24^3100 mod 19

You could probably break it up as:

24^(310*100) mod 19

which can be further written as:

24^310 mod 19 x 24^100 mod 19

You can further break it down to values you could actually compute and solve. For example, if you keep on breaking down 100, you could end up solving

(24^4 mod 19)^25

and so on and so forth. Since this is a homework question, I can only provide hints and not the complete solution.

You can also do it with the fast exponentiation method where the exponent is expressed in powers of two.

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