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I want to create a horizontal listview which contain many item, one item will contain a image. When user slide listview => the count of item will be fix when it display, example display only 3 or 4 image. How can I do that? Many thanks.


I use this

to create a HorizontalList view, everything is ok but I don;t know how to make the Next and Previous button work! Any idea?

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Instead of a horizontal ListView (which, as far as I know, isn't offered by the Android SDK) you can use a HorizontalScrollView. You can add the items like to any other kind of layout class.

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I want to use a ListView to control my code :( – Han Tran Feb 21 '12 at 12:14

It looks like what you are looking for is a Paginated Gallery. I have written one here.

Its still only a couple of days old but hopefully the included Activity code will get you off the ground.

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