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I have a model field:

title = models.CharField(pgettext_lazy('context', 'title'), max_length=255)

When I use ugettext_lazy it displays the untranslated string. (in this case 'title')

But with pgettext_lazy it becomes an empty string. (it hides the title label in the admin)

Is this standard behaviour of pgettext? Am I missing something?

.po file contents:

msgctxt "context"
msgid "title"
msgstr ""

admin looks like this http://cl.ly/072o1x3p11161X3x3y2c

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Do you have something about source string in .po file? Maybe there's a space symbol as a translation or something like that? pgettext seems to be working fine for me –  ilvar Feb 21 '12 at 2:50
The source in my .po files seem normal. I added it to the question. how did you test it? –  Sander van Leeuwen Feb 21 '12 at 8:26

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This is the solution:

pgettext_lazy(u'context', u'title')
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Found it. pgettext_lazy returns a proxy object. Casting to unicode does the trick:

unicode(pgettext_lazy('context', 'title'))


This is not the answer. Because this way manage.py makemessages doesn't pick up the line as 'marked translated'.

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