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So the AppleDocs state that:

The image to use as the pattern for the color object. The image is tiled starting at the bottom of the window. The image is not scaled.
(NSColor Class Reference)

Well, except the pattern sort of does scale..
At least when drawing into a graphics context that is scaled up/down using CAAffineTransform.

However, the pattern is scaled by some lesser degree than the actual graphics, e.g. when drawing a filled NSBezierPath object and scaling the context up/down the pattern is just slightly scaled up/down, not by the same factor.

This is observed on OS X 10.6 - any ideas if that's a bug or some documented behaviour?

Ideally we'd like to use the same pattern scale factor no matter how big or small the scaled graphic (rect, bezierpath, ..) is.

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Pattern will not set unless scaling property has been set. Can you give a sample code to support your claim? –  MacGeek Aug 13 '12 at 16:26

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