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I've started working a little bit with lift+scala+mongorecord but I found a small annoyance :

Usually to easily create a record ( document ) I just do:


But when I use the MongoPasswordField it is impossible to do it in just one line:

val userRecord = User.createRecord.loginName("user").firstName("Name").lastName("LastName")

Source code for the filed is at http://scala-tools.org/mvnsites/liftweb-2.2/framework/scaladocs/lift-persistence/lift-mongodb-record/src/main/scala/net/liftweb/mongodb/record/field/MongoPasswordField.scala.html

Is there any way of doing this in just one line? or at least can the field code be modified in some way to actually allow doing this?

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I think you could do this:

User.createRecord.loginName("user").firstName("Name").lastName("LastName").password(Password("Some password")).save
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